ADA Signs

ADA SignsADA signs are the signs mandated by many municipalities and the federal government for any business that is open to the public. The signs feature both raised characters and a Braille translation for the benefit of visually impaired visitors. The ADA sign requirements are often spelled out in the original plans for new building construction or they may be added as a retro-fit, following an interior build-out.

Apple Signs Houston can guide you through the process of designing your signs to create branding image throughout your facility. These interior signs are supplied with double-faced adhesive tape for self-installation. It is also possible to get a turn-key package that includes production of the signs and professional installation in your building, if required.

The materials used in ADA signs are varied and can be very luxurious, giving the appearance of wood, marble and metals. While most of these signs are meant to convey information about room numbers, departments and directions, the graphic design can be incorporated into the overall interior plan. Many ADA signs include a ‘fixed’ section that displays information that does not change, such as the room number and a sliding pocket for changeable data such as daily events or the names of persons stationed in that room.

While the ADA signs may be a requirement for your building they also present a great opportunity to add some style to the interior spaces. You can rely on Apple Signs Houston to provide professional installation of your ADA signs.