Facility Signs

Facility SignsFacility signs overlap into a number of other types of signs found at public buildings, but do constitute a separate and important sign category. Apple Signs Houston has been working with property management companies and individuals since 1985 to design and build these important signs.

Most all first time visitors and many others are often ‘lost’ in many large business campuses and welcome the guidance of these facility signs. In a way, most all of these signs are directional in nature; pointing the way to visitor’s parking, reserved parking, entrances and exits, fire and safety information, suite numbers and loading dock areas. The list of potential signs is almost endless as are the materials and graphic styles available to design the layouts. Of course, some signage has been standardized as in the case of fire equipment being identified with red signage and handicapped areas identified with blue signage and markings. Beyond these standard signs, there are many options available in the area of design and materials such as aluminum, acrylic and PVC substrates.

Apple Signs Houston has designed and laid out sign plans for entire buildings such as parking garages. A package of facility signs can include health and safety warning signs, directional and traffic routing signs, elevator signs, fire exit signs, reserved parking / no parking and the list goes on. A well designed public building should invite the visitor and provide direction every step of the way with a thoughtfully designed sign program. Facility signs are mostly interior signs, but they do extend to the exterior areas as well. Post and panel signs and other eye-level signage also comes under the heading of facility signs. Various building mounted signs that do not serve as corporate ID signs are considered facility signs as well. Whatever your requirements call for, call Apple Signs Houston to begin planning your facility sign program.