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Monument Signs

Monument signs are very effective signs for businesses and commercial properties. Apple Signs Houston sells electrical and non-electrical monument signs. We sell architectural monument signs. We sell monument signs with LED reader boards. Build your monument signs with a metal structure with acrylic faces and stone monument signs or your choice of substrates.

Monument signs create an everlasting impression for your company that will help build recognition of your business over time. Outdoor monument signage is a very important tool that will go a long way in creating amazing results. Monument signs help your customer know the location of your business. Monument signs can draw in new customers that become repeat consumers and become a source of revenue for the organization. Apple Signs Houston has been manufacturing monument signs since 1985.

Monument signs will have great visibility with LED reader boards. Monument signs by Apple Signs Houston will be designed to fit your company's location and budget. Monument signs are instrumental in promoting the image of your company - big or small. Monument signs by Apple Signs Houston ensure that your business is noticed. Everybody wants their business to be noticed.

Monument signs can be lighted or non lighted for customization to your business needs. Monument signs can be designed for your budget. Apple Signs Houston manufactures simple monument signs and custom monument signs to your specifications.

Eye catching monument signs are a great source of advertisement. For all of your sign needs contact Apple Signs Houston. All types of monument signs can be manufactured at Apple Signs Houston.

For superior sign service in designing, building and installing your monument sign, contact Apple Signs Houston. To ensure your monument sign is built to your specifications and within budget, contact Apple Signs Houston. Monument signs can be manufactured as lighted, non lighted and LED reader boards.

LED monument signs are bright, colorful and your message can be changed at any time. LED monument signs are eye catching and easily read from a long distance.

Monument signs can be manufactured in metal, wood, stone, brick and many other substrates. Adding landscaping around the base of the monument sign can provide extra curb appeal!

  • Control Solutions

    6‘ x 15‘ brick monument sign with central arch. Two colors of brick on painted cinder block base. ID and address numbers are brushed, anodized aluminum sandblasted and painted with concrete base

  • Lexington Square

    7‘ x 12‘ stone monument sign with column and cast stone faces. Native stone base on concrete foundation with logo plaque and engraved sign copy.

  • Cypress Crossing Christian Church

    7' x 8.5' church monument sign with peaked center and stepped base. Sign has upper lighted ID section and wireless LED message board below. Stone base and stone accents complete the design. sandblasted and painted with concrete base

  • Carpet World

    7' x 10' monument with 4' x 10' lighted ID section and 3' x 10' tri-color LED message center, pole mounted with aluminum base.

  • 6'x8' Lighted Cinder Block Structure Monument Sign

    6'x8' lighted cabinet mounted in cinder block structure with molded embossed face and reader board

  • 4'x6' Lighted Monument Sign

    4'x6' lighted monument sign ID reader board with locking Lexan clear cover

  • Golf club entry sign for country club community. Native stone base with capstone, supporting polished limestone face, bordered by brick columns. Sign copy is sand blasted with paint infill.

  • Aluminum skin on frame, building marker sign. Vinly copy and printed vinly with clear laminate overlay. 6'4" x 8'0" overall.

  • 5' x 10 monument sign with curved face. Natural limestone base and cast stone upper ID section. Id section is cut acrylic pieces in logo colors.

  • Low profile corporate ID sign, 2'6" x 10'0", Aluminum cabinet with EFIS textured surface. Acrylic push-through lettering with vinly overlay.

  • Apartment home ID sign, brick construction with slate faces. Sign copy is sand blasted with paint infill. Finished with concrete capstone.

  • Office park entry marker sign with aluminum pan face sections for major tenants, address number & building log, 4'6" x 9'0".